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in medias res


Whether the IS attacks of today or the RAF attacks in the German autumn of 40 years ago - terrorism is always accompanied by the media and influenced by its logic. Terrorists and extremists use media as instruments to organize themselves, to recruit sympathisers, to provoke opponents, to spread messages, to spread terror and to strengthen the effectiveness of their actions. The interaction between media and terrorism will be discussed in the first event of the new series in medias res under the title "Media-Terror-Extremism" on 19 October 2017, 18.00 pm. The event will take place at the City and State Library at the Bildungsforum Potsdam. Diana Rieger (University of Mannheim) and Bernd Zywietz (University of Siegen) offer a media science analysis of extremist activities, but also of possible countermeasures: Bernd Zywietz has been researching jihadism on the Internet for several years, Diana Rieger deals with counter-narratives, media tools to refute terrorist propaganda. Rainer Grieger, President of the University of Applied Sciences of the Brandenburg Police, represents the perspective of police work and policy advice in the discussion group; he was a member of the European Council's working group on terrorism for several years. The discussion will be moderated and organised by media scientists Jens Eder and Chris Wahl, both professors at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. The debate series in medias res is a joint event of the SLB Potsdam and the Potsdam-based Brandenburg Centre for Media Studies (ZeM). It will take place at regular intervals in the future and make current perspectives of media studies accessible to the public.