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What is ZeM?

The Brandenburg Centre for Media Studies (ZeM) is a joint research facility of eight universities of the state of Brandenburg.
The networking within the discipline intended to emanate from ZeM, as well as in adjacent disciplines, has the goal of leading to a new visibility for the manifold media studies focal points in research and teaching and contributing to an enhanced profile for the state of Brandenburg as a media and science location.
At the centre of ZeM's activities is the establishment of a structured offering of colloquiums and workshops for doctoral candidates, the extension of scholarships and fellowships, the organisation of international guest lectures and interdisciplinary lecture series, sessions and conferences, as well as the preparation and execution of joint research (association) projects. Members of ZeM have the opportunity to apply to ZeM for the support of academic projects, according to its funding policy.

Satzung des ZeM

As a media science institution, we are committed to the goals and principles formulated in the Code for good working conditions in media science. We are committed to stable employment bases at all career levels and take measures to create a family-friendly and non-discriminatory working environment. We are committed to promoting codetermination among all employees.