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Ashely Shew

Short Biography
Ashley Shew is an associate professor of Science, Technology, and Society at Virginia Tech (U.S.). Shew authored Animal Constructions and Technological Knowledge (2017), where she considers how non-human animal tool use fits into the philosophy of technology. She is co-editor of three philosophy of technology volumes and current co-editor-in-chief of Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology. Her current work concerns technology and disability.

Panel Abstract
Disability Tech Narratives

Drawing from the stories disabled people tell about the technologies they use, I introduce the term technoableism and talk about how designers and engineers get the story wrong when it comes to disability technology – and how to reconsider expertise in light of disability narrative. I consider the role of media, both in the sense of multiple mediums of sensing/expressing and of media coverage of disability technologies.

Ashely Shew speaks in Panel II: Sensing Technology Narratives – Imaginaries of Intervening and Accessing by Nicole Schimkus, Alice Soiné, and Daniel Stoecker.